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  Brass Tumblers
Vibratory brass tumbler
Thumler's UV-10 Tumbler: Thumler's UV-10 is an excellent industrial duty vibratory tumbler for cleaning and polishing up to 400 cases at a time.

Rotary brass tumbler
High Speed Thumler's Model B Tumbler: Thumler's high speed Model B rotary tumbler is a heavy duty rotary tumbler designed for polishing brass.

A-R12 rotary tumbler
Thumler's A-R12 Tumbler: Thumler's A-R12 rotary tumbler has a 12-pound capacity barrel for tumble polishing brass.
  Reloading Tumbler Media and Polish
Corn cob media
Corn Cob Media: An effective media for cleaning once-fired and lightly-tarnished brass cartridges that performs best in a vibratory tumbler.

Walnut shell media
Walnut Shell Media: Gets that thick heavy tarnish off of multi-fired and weathered range-picked brass. Works great in rotary or vibratory tumblers.

Walnut shell media
Red Rouge Brass Polish: Red Rouge is a popular brass polish among reloaders. Many people like the red tint that is sometimes left on the cases.

 Brass Case Polishing Information
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 What is Walnut Media?
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