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Red Rouge Brass Polish

Red Rouge brass polish

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Red Rouge Brass Polish

Red Rouge is a favorite polish used by people who are polishing brass cartridge casings. A small amount of red rouge is added to corn cob or crushed walnut shell tumbling media to help give brass that extra shine.

What is Red Rouge?

Red rouge is an iron oxide powder that is used to polish brass and other soft metals. Particles of the powder have a hardness of about 5 to 6 on the Mohs Hardness Scale. That limits its effectiveness to soft metals.

The material that we sell is a fine powder intended to be added in small amounts to crushed corn cob or crushed walnut shell media to slightly increase their abrasive action when polishing brass ammunition cartridges. Large amounts are not needed. You only need to add enough to place a red color on the media. Adding more than what will adhere to the surface of the media will not improve performance.

Red rouge is not appropriate for some uses. It will leave a red tint on most items that it is used to polish. This red tint is actually a tiny amount of fine red rouge powder adhering to the polished item. Some people like this but others, who want to be sure that their polished items are completely clean, will decide to use untreated media or another polishing process.

Red rouge is not a miracle cleaner. It can slightly improve the performance of your media in polishing dirty brass casings but it is ineffective at removing corrosion.

Other Uses of Red Rouge

Humans have used red rouge for thousands of years. The original red rouge was the mineral hematite in powdered form. It occurs naturally throughout the world and was one of the first pigments used by people. It was mixed with water, oils and other liquids to make paint. In powdered form it was used as a cosmetic. It has also been used as a polishing material for glass lenses and as a stropping compound to put a polished finish on freshly-sharpened steel.

The material that we sell is intended for use in polishing brass ammunition casings. If you need red rouge for any other use we suggest that you purchase it from a vendor that serves the industry related to your use. For example, if you intend to polish precious metals or fine jewelry, it is best to purchase from a jewelry supply company. They have determined that their product works well for that purpose.

Red rouge is prepared differently for different types of use. It is obtained from different sources, ground to different particle sizes and refined to different purities. For jewelry and precious metal polishing it is often mixed with oil and sold as a soft moist stick. This allows it to be easily applied to a the cloth, leather or canvas that will be used for the polishing job. PJ Tool and Supply is a possible source for jewelers rouge. When red rouge is prepared as a pigment it is ground to a particle size suited for that purpose. has a variety of hematite and iron oxide pigments that are prepared specifically for artists.

You can see that different industries have their own specialized uses for red rouge and provide products specific for their customers.
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