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Brass Polishing Tumblers

Thumler's 3lb tumbler Thumler's UV-10 Vibrating Tumbler:

This vibratory tumbler will clean and polish 125-400 cartridges depending on the size of cartridges being cleaned. It has a thermally protected ball bearing motor, a removeable heavy duty polyethylene bowl and the unit vibrates at 3000 vibrations per minute.
MSRP $368.62
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Rotary brass tumbler Thumler's High Speed Model B Rotary Tumbler:

This tumbler has a 15-pound capacity and will polish about 250 30-30 casings or equivalent volume of other cartridges. You can use either dry media like corn cob and crushed walnut shells or use stainless steal pin media in this tumbler to polish you brass.
MSRP $331.16
You Pay

Thumler's AR-12 tumbler Thumler's A-R12 Rotary Tumbler:

This is Thumler's 12-pound capacity tumbler will process about 100-200 brass cartridges, when using dry media, depending on the caliber of the shells. It will process about 1 to 1.5 pounds if cartridges if you use stainless steel media.
MSRP $257.85
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Vibratory Brass Tumbler
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