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Thumler's UV-10 Vibratory Tumbler

For Rock and Brass Polishing

Thumler's model UV-10 tumbler

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Thumler's Ultra-Vibe 10 Industrial Rock Tumbler / Brass Cleaner

  • Removable heavy polyethylene bowl with lid
  • 3 qt. capacity, 125-400 cases, weight capacity of 10 lb.
  • Mass creates a cyclonic effect, moves around the bowl and down into the center.
  • Thermally protected ball bearing motor operates on 115 volts and uses 1.12 Amps
  • Vibrates at 3000 VPM
  • Dimensions: 10" diameter x 11" high.
With this vibratory brass reloading tumbler you will be able to clean about 300 cartridges in about two hours. It may take upwards of three hours if you are using media that is pretty worn out. When cleaning brass in this tumbler you will use about 3-pounds of dry media, corn cob or walnut shell.

This is the industrial version of the UV-10 with the heavy duty motor, bowl and components which means it will last a very long time. Also since it is the industrial version you can debur and clean metal parts or tumble polish rocks in it.

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